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Pro Plus, Enterprise E1, E3, & E5

Because of Microsoft’s constantly diversifying aptitude for change and advancement, Microsoft has launched various different services which are layered on top of the licenses which are required to utilize the products. Cloud based solutions such as Office 365 which give free flow to mail by giving access to any mobile device or browser and the ability to make changes or receive information on the go has changed the way “email” is currently handled or accepted.
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Windows Server 2016, SQL 2016, User CALs

Windows is Microsoft’s pivoting platform that billions of devices worldwide currently use at the primary Operating System. Windows since its launch has become the Number 1 platform of choice that people use from a private to commercial space. Most of the applications that are built have to have compatibility with Windows in order to be considered an enterprise workable application. For this reason, Windows has become the premier choice for operating systems to be utilized from all levels of technology and integrated on all levels of services. Our license offerings for this product includes everything from Server CALs, User CALs, Server licenses, Windows PC licenses, and any Windows based licenses offered by Microsoft.
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