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This Year's Cloud Computing Technology Trends

Trends in technology is what the world follows when it comes to moving ahead. Its the speed of getting data and the security of which that defines what advanced or out-dated technology is. With each year, technology seems to advance more than the industry is keeping up. For that reason, there are companies such as IT GURUS OF ATLANTA which bridges the gap and ensures that companies are kept in the loop with the latest designs which will spring forward sales and ensure growth.

Some of the most innovative solutions which we have found this year have come from Space X, Project Loon, and Mercedes. As far apart as these three companies may seem, they have made marks in the field of technology which are making waves not only among consumers, but companies alike. Next year, will be the first commercial flight to the moon, while the iPhone X is dated to be launched in December of this year. So much has happened in 2017 and so much more is yet to come.

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