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Transformation of ANY surface into a Biometric Sensor! Ingenious!

Security is top of the line with any innovation. That’s the aspect of technology which frightens even the most daring of people. It allures the second-guessing mentality, doubt, and even the inability to move forward. Security is the one aspect which has kept many designs from implemented and many new innovations from getting the much-needed attention. This risk of security is a rightful thought as it only takes one breach of data, loss of identity, or corruption of that data, which can cause chaos. That is why many people rely on trusted devices for their security. The conventional house alarm is evolving into one of those technically savvy devices which is rapidly becoming more mobile while keeping the home or business secure.

One innovation which has not yet hit the market, but is making waves is VibWrite. The name alone is a bit confusing, but as we dive more into what this gadget is, is the more the name makes sense. VibWrite is a very innovative device. The overview of the device is that it turns any ordinary flat surface into a biometric ID sensor. This means that VibWrite can change a table, flat handle on a door or car, computer, into a new security focused device. Once the device is installed and programmed, the user simply must place the stored finger or fingers on the surface of the device or door they are trying to access, and it will open the door or computer.

The question arises that how can the device capture any finger print when the surface it is not attached to a readable surface? Well VibWrite has the key. The technology captures the unique vibrating signature of the bones in the finger. The security question now comes into play to find out how does each person’s finger differentiate from the other? This is where the security component comes in. Each person’s bone structure is unique to that person. Because of the difference in the bone structure, when a person presses their finger against a surface, it applies pressure differently. This is what causes the unique surface vibration that the VibWrite stores.

VibWrite was not a sole person effort, nor the effort of one organization. VibWrite is the result of the collaborative efforts of researchers at the University of Alabama and Rutgers University. Together they have tested and manufactured this device. The ability to not require specific additional hardware other than what comes with the VibWrite, makes this device very cost effective in comparison to other devices that require additional hardware to store. The device is comprised of a Piezoelectric sensor, Amplifier board, and vibration motor. Though the device is small, it packs the efficiency of up to 95% accuracy. The false positive rating for the device is less than 3 percent, making its accuracy more profound than other devices on the market.

With a rapidly booming market that struts an estimated growth of 10 billion by 2018. Even though these larger systems can be bulky, they are the traditional equipment that is currently approved. The current security systems come with intercoms, fingerprint card readers, and cameras. VibWrite comes with the two connectors and that is it. With its small size, VibWrite allows users to choose the security function they want. The security feature of VibWrite grants users access based on a PIN, or lock pattern.

As technology hardware becomes smaller and more powerful, so does its uses and the ability to interconnect both physical and machine. VibWrite is another example of technology boldly making that move. They are still in the process of getting this device approved for commercial use, but in the meantime IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will keep give steady updates as this technology unfolds.


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