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Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery Now Delivers To Your Car!

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber than you are already aware of the “free” next day or two-day delivery that comes along with your membership. Many Amazon shoppers find themselves utilizing the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership as it is more cost effective than paying for delivery fees when ordering. Shoppers can cut costs by not only getting free shipping, but also in many states and on certain products, they can get same day delivery. Amazon is constantly working to change the canvas and become better in their delivery area.

Due to a high rise in thefts, Amazon launched in “in-home” delivery service where the delivery drivers have access to the customer’s home and can drop off packages directly into the home. The in-home service gives the customer the security of knowing that their products can not be stolen from the doorstops by any on-looker. This new service has come with its share of scrutiny and with praise. Many customers are skeptical about giving a stranger free access into their home. Some critics have stated that this feature gives criminals more reason to do home break-ins. Even though there are mixed reviews about this feature that Amazon offers, its still an effort to gain more security with the delivery of their products.

Amazon has always been known to put on their thinking cap when it comes on to innovation and new ways to reinvent their delivery. Now Amazon has launched “In-Car” delivery which also includes “same-day” delivery. Yes, if you are thinking “Is this the same as the in-home delivery?”, then yes, you are thinking correctly. With most people not being that comfortable with giving Amazon free access into their home, the idea of having packages delivered into the car is a much more appealing thought. This technology Amazon will utilize is called “Amazon Key In-Car”. For the technology to work, your Amazon account must be able to link to your car service account. Many car companies allow for this linkage such as OnStar and Volvo On Call.

After the accounts are linked together, the customer will have the ability to choose “In-car” delivery. They will also be able to choose “In-car” same-day shipping. To setup the delivery process, the customer’s car has o be in a public parking lot and have a backup location such as a home or an office. The app allows for up to a 4hr delivery window, gives information when the package is on its way, and when the package has been delivered. For security the app gives time stamps of when the car was unlocked and locked to ensure that the car and the package is left securely.

With Amazon being the dominator in the field of “in-home” and “in-car” delivery, the prices for the services has now gone up. Over the years, Amazon has managed to maintain is $99 per year membership fee for Amazon Prime, but in 2018, Amazon Prime subscribers can see a bump in membership fee from $99 to $119. Security and convenience have their cost and Amazon must be able to continue to grow with their efforts to supersede their own standards every year. This comes at a cost.

Amazon continues to change the canvas of products and the delivery of these products. It Gurus Of Atlanta continues to innovate, create, and educate our clients on Technology and the ever changing canvas that it affects, which is our daily lives. We encourage all of our subscribers and clients to stay tuned as we bring to the world more information on technology.

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