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Transforming Transportation – Cars Now Fly!

Just when everyone is starting to get used to seeing drivers in cars with no hands on the steering wheel or even sightseeing while the car is driving through “Self-Driving” technology, here comes a huge game changer. We all knew it wouldn’t be long before the self-driving and drone craze that’s currently happening decided to blend. These are two technologies which involve AI (artificial intelligence) with the concept of getting processes done faster and more effectively while maintaining safety. Drone are steadily mastering the skies as most entertainment industries require a drone to take aerial shots, while individuals keep drones to see what is like from so many feet above the ground. Self-driving cars use safety protocols which if the person were driving would have to adhere to, while allowing the driver to let go of the wheel and change focus other than the road without compromising safety. Now how do these two technologies manage to bind together? Well there is a company that IT GURUS OF ATLANTA would like to introduce you to, and they are called “Lilium”.

Now many may have never heard about Lilium, but as of September 5th, 2017, they received investments from a Chinese tech giant called Tencent (TCEHY). Tencent was a major contributor of a $90 million-dollar fundraiser to fund Lilium’s top project. At this point many are asking, well what is Lilium’s big project and what does it have to with drones or self-driving cars? Well it has everything to do with both technologies. Lilium is testing their version of the “electric flying car”. Yes, that’s right, the flying electric car is now a reality. Not using gas, or any fossil fuels to affect the environment, but pure electricity, this jet is now testing its way to the mainstream public.

Lilium succeeded in its first prototype testing which was a 2-seater version of the jet. The test was done in April of 2017 and marked as their first successful flight. Lilium is a German based firm that was originally founded by students from the Technical University of Munich. These four students founded the company in 2015 and it literally taking flight. Since the injection of funds from Tencent, the company has been on a hiring frenzy taking on executives from top firms. These executives have come from large companies such as Tesla, Rolls Royce, and Airbus.

The magic behind the prototype is 36 propeller engines that use a vertical lift and land technique to maneuver from ground to air or air to ground. Already capable of flight, which allows it to move 10 times faster than a car, the vision is for the jet to travel at speeds of 186 mph (300 km). Now that this new company is making waves, here is where the soon to be tech giant is headed. Lilium’s vision is to change the existing prototype into a 5-seater model that will take passengers between nearby destinations such as Manhattan to JFK. The company wants passengers to catch a flight from these jets at a pod (created around the city) just as a person would catch an Uber ride.

Lilium’s jet is capable of hovering, taking, and landing vertically. This type of craft is called a VTOL. VTOLs have existed for years and are mostly used by the military including in helicopters. These crafts also use an extensive amount of fossil fuels. The major difference between a military VTOL and Lilium’s is that it has “zero emissions”, designed for civilian transportation, and when completed, can carry up to 5 people at once to their destination.

Travel by air is the next innovative means of traveling. As we move towards more automation and exploring areas that have previously not been explored, Lilium’s flying electric car is only a glimpse of what is to come. By now there are other companies which are watching closely to see how Lilium performs and if their prototype will go mainstream. One of those companies watching Lilium is IT GURUS OF ATLANTA. We are always at the cusp of technology and bringing our followers the insight on new innovations. Lilium is a company which is here to stay and changing the canvas of transportation.


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