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MSI Wearable Computer – Wearable Virtual Reality Backpack!

MSI as we know is one of the leading designers of computer hardware, specifically when it comes to gaming computers which are known has high efficiency, high performance, and spectacular graphics Even though MSI is still young in the industry, they are taking over a niche that has long since been dominated by companies such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Toshiba. This new kid on the block packs all their computers with the fastest processors, high capacity RAM, and speeds that blow the mind. The only answer that other competitors have for MSI is their Alienware computers. These Alienware computers are the top line products that come as Desktops and Laptops for the flag ship of these varied manufacturers.

Now that Virtual Reality has taken its place in the mainstream and is rapidly being incorporated in all our everyday technology, it is only fitting that the leader in Alienware computers innovates one of their brands to take virtual reality to the next level. MSI has dubbed its new gaming computer system for virtual reality as “VR One”. The MSI VR One is nothing short of a powerful system that the user wears as a backpack. The system is not only powerful, but also lightweight. The MSI VR One comes with two hand controllers, the system, the utility backpack carrier, and the VR headset. Just as with any system there are other accessories that a user can purchase. However, because it is a regular computer, the additional accessories are not solely through MSI, you can purchase from any other manufacturer accessories and use its plug and play feature with the MSI VR One.

The MSI VR One packs a punch by having high-end Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA extreme level GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 graphics cards. These new enhancements to the computer allows it to give the full look and feel within the virtual reality without any constraints that other computers may currently have. The ability for a user to be totally immersed into the virtual reality without the anchor of cords or equipment holding the user back from making moves forward, is where the MSI VR One stands out amongst other potential competitors. The backpack can run up to 1.5hrs of constant play/usage without being recharged.

The MSI VR One has “hot-swap” battery capability. This means that the battery can be changed out without loss of power to the device which eliminates downtime. It comes with a full VR HMD compatible Direct HMD I/O. The sleek ID design makes the slim figure of the computer even more stylish and easy to carry around. Because MSI has dedicated this device to the Virtual Reality platform, it has a plethora of VR One applications that enhance not only the experience, but opens the doors for users to see just how powerful virtual reality is becoming. The ports on the MSI VR One are the 4 VR HMD ports, 1 HDMI, a mini display port, along with a headphone and mic jack. The pack weights 3.6 KG which is a little less than 8lbs. With power being the major concern when using VR devices, the MSI VR One comes with 2 battery packs. Memory in this device varies by the cost that the user is willing to spend, hence, there are different options from 256GB to 512GB. RAM in the MSI VR One comes with 16 GB which is (2x8GB) DDR4. The operating system of choice is Windows 10 Pro, but can be changed to any version of Windows once purchased.

Wifi connectivity on the MSI VR One is a breeze with bluetooth 4.1 and 1535 Wifi. The headsets which work best for this device is the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Both headsets have to be purchased separately and do not come as part of the VR One package. If the virtual reality capabilities are not used, the VR One can be used as a super powered Alienware desktop. The mobility of this device is the most intriguing and the fact that it is not only lighter than most desktops, but capable of being worn as a backpack.

The MSI VR One is an innovation that MSI has been working on for years that has come of age. This computer is essentially what the future of virtual reality and its uses are headed. The MSI VR One is one of the high-end product lines which has prices that go along with the technology. Prices for the MSI VR One go from $1,899 to $2,129. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA prides ourselves as a trusted partner of MSI. We deliver the most innovative devices from various manufacturers such as MSI for businesses and the government. MSI partners receive partner discounts and special pricing that allow us to give the optimal pricing of their products. Contact IT GURUS OF ATLANTA and let us custom design your next computer hardware project at a fraction of the cost.

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